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Your Butler in St. Barth and Beyond...

We Create a Paradise for You No Matter Where You Are on Earth

Beyond Borders

Your Satisfaction, Our Destination

Your butler knows no geographical limits. Whether you are in the United States, St. Barthelemy, St. Tropez, or South America (Brazil, Costa Rica), your satisfaction remains our priority. With absolute discretion, we are also adept at accompanying our clients to other tranquil havens.

Who Am I?

Luxury at the Four Corners of the Earth

Butler Majordome Steward

Butler Paradise is a high-end personal butler service. Since 2000, we have been taking care of all the needs of our clients, offering them an unforgettable luxury experience. Our services go well beyond organizing luxury travel or planning glamorous events. We also assist our clients in managing their day-to-day activities, from the most mundane to the most noble. To learn more, contact us.

Languages Spoken

A women on board a yacht

Why Choose Us

What We Bring to You

Prestigious References and Partnerships

With a career marked by significant and enriching experiences, Martin has forged strong ties with a network of top-tier partners. His highly regarded references attest to his professionalism, thoroughness, and commitment to each mission entrusted to him. It's not just a butler you're choosing, but a true trusted partner to ensure your well-being.

Versatility and

Every situation, environment, and challenge is an opportunity for Martin to showcase his exceptional versatility and adaptability. Whether it's responding to unusual requests or operating in changing contexts, Martin fine-tunes his approach to meet the most specific requirements. His flexibility and unwavering dedication make him a butler of choice, capable of ensuring flawless client satisfaction, regardless of the circumstances.

Certified Multilingual

Martin is not just a qualified butler; he is also a true multilingual expert. His accredited training attests to his high-level professional skills. Moreover, his proficiency in multiple languages facilitates interactions and ensures seamless communication, wherever you are in the world. This linguistic expertise, coupled with a nuanced understanding of cultural subtleties, guarantees a tailored, harmonious, and effortless client experience.

We have the best clients and partners

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Reliability and Transparency of the Company

Your trust is our priority. As a company that has been established and registered for X years, we are committed to operating with complete transparency. Our company is covered by liability insurance and other relevant insurances, thus guaranteeing our reliability and professionalism.

We believe in a relationship based on trust and transparency, and we are proud to share our SIRET number: [insert SIRET number here]. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or additional information.

Client Testimonials

Their Words, Our Pride

If Martin could fit in my bag, I will take him with me all the time

Leah Adam

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